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SC312 - Sodalite in Syenite pebble

Locality: Milwaukee Co., Wisconsin, USA (MINDAT)
Size: 4 x 3 x 3 cm - Miniature (3-6 cm)
Weight: 64.5 g
minID: MM0-9QU

Sodalite in syenite pebble, also called with the trademarked name Yooperlite. This is not from the yooperlite “type locality” (Upper Peninsula in Michigan, Lake Superior), but from the nearby Milwaukee County on Lake Michigan. It was collected in northern Milwaukee county along the beach at night. The exact location is not known, but it may have been north of the Schlitz Audubon nature center.

Photo in normal light.
Fluorescence under longwave UV light (365nm LED).
Last update: 29 December 2020