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SC345 - Cerussite on Smithsonite on Hydrozincite

Locality: Zorzone Mine (Gorno Mine), Zorzone, Vedra Valley, Oltre il Colle, Bergamo Province, Lombardy, Italy (MINDAT)
Size: 7 x 5 x 3 cm - Small cabinet (5-7 cm)
Weight: 68.5 g
minID: 8W4-T5T

Pocket of smithsonite crystals on matrix. On top of the smithsonite there are a few small cerussite crystals. Under longwave UV light both the smithsonite and cerussite fluoresce yellow. Under shortwave UV light, the smithsonite is not fluorescent anymore, but the cerussite keeps a light yellow fluorescence. Most notable under shortwave UV light is a bright blue fluorescence mineral, likely hydrozincite. Under shortwave UV light there is also an unidentified red fluorescent mineral.

Photo in normal light.
Fluorescence under shortwave UV light (254nm Hg light).
Fluorescence under longwave UV light (365nm LED).
Fluorescence under both shortwave (254nm Hg light) and longwave (365nm LED) UV light.
Last update: 14 January 2021