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SC425 - Eucryptite

Locality: Petalite pegmatite, Strathmore pegmatites, Cape Cross area, Arandis Constituency, Erongo Region, Namibia (MINDAT)
Size: 10.5 x 5 x 5 cm - Large cabinet (10-15 cm)
Weight: 330 g
minID: W45-P05

Nodule of solid eucryptite from a new find in 2020. Under shortwave UV light it fluoresces a very nice bright red. The nodule is enveloped in a thin skin, which fluoresces bluish white.

Left: Fluorescence under 254nm UVC (shortwave) Hg light. Right: normal light.
Fluorescence spectrum under 275nm UVC (shortwave) LED excitation.
Last update: 02 October 2021