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MineralApp is a small and simple application to create a database of your minerals. You can add your mineral collection, storing any details you are interested in, helping you (hopefully…) to keep your mineral collection well organized!

The application is free to use for everyone. If you like it and find it useful, I would highly appreciate you sending me a postcard (or a mineral!) from your hometown; here my current address.

MineralApp is available for MacOS, Windows and Linux:

Download MineralApp for MacOS

Download MineralApp for Windows

Download MineralApp for Ubuntu

Download the source code from GitHub

If you have problems with the setup, or need any information of how to use MineralApp, you can take a look at the manual or write me.

Below a couple of screenshots:

MineralApp screenshot 1

MineralApp screenshot 2

Last update: 07 May 2020