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Juggling Siteswap References

Physics of Juggling

Peter J. Beek and Arthur Lewbel, The science of juggling
Divulgative paper published on Scientific American in 1995 about scientific aspects of juggling. It has a small part about siteswap.

Claude E. Shannon, Scientific Aspects of Juggling (in Shannon Collected Papers)
Very nice paper about the physics of juggling. It introduces the famous “Shannon Theorem” (the mathematical part is just a couple of pages over fifteen).

Joe Buhler and Ron Graham, Fountains, Showers, and Cascades
Clear article discussing Shannon theorem and time of flight.

Bengt Magnusson, and Bruce Tieman, The physics of juggling
Article published on “The physics theacher” in 1989. The focus is on the relations between throw height, number of balls and timing. Nice discussion also about clubs rotation and orientation.


First reference for siteswap articles and links.

Allen Knutson, Siteswap FAQ
Nice first introduction to siteswap written in 1993. Starts with vanilla siteswap, introduces juggling states and presents syncronous and multiplexing notation. Have some nice examples to try.

Benjamin Beever, Guide to Juggling Patterns
Short book of 67 pages about siteswap notation. Can download for free from the link above.

Burkard Polster, The Mathematics of Juggling
Introduction to siteswap and juggling states, with a focus on the mathematics. Interesting is the mathematical style, with enunciation of ‘‘Juggling Theorems’’. Written as a presentation, not a scientific paper.

Burkard Polster, Juggling, maths and a beautiful mind
A shorter version of the paper above.

Matt Hall, Siteswap list
A very long list of siteswap patterns. Both vanilla, syncrhonous and multiplexing.

Hans Vanwynsberghe, Addicted to Ball and Club Juggling
To check - A lot of juggling tricks!

Hard Mathematics

Jack Boyce, The Longest Prime Siteswap Patterns
Discussion in simple terms about prime patterns, in particular how to find the longest prime patterns. The focus is not juggling, but the language is understandable.

Burkard Polster, The Mathematics of Juggling
Full-size book. Didn’t check it yet, but looks like it is focused on the math. (You can find free pdf online if you look hard enough…)

Last update: 01 October 2018