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List of Siteswaps

1 ball

1 First siteswap to learn! Start with one ball in your R hand, and pass it quick to your L hand. Repeat! Only note: the passages must be very quick and horizontal, almost downwards directly to the other hand.

20 Even easier than 1! Just hold one ball in your R hand and do nothing… This pattern is asymmetric, you can start with your ball in your L hand instead!

300 Useful pattern for your first 2 minutes learning juggling. Take one ball on your R hand and pass it to the L hand with a high pass. The pass should pass in front of your eyes. When it land on your L, throw it again to your R and continue. You see the pattern has 00 after the 3. This means you have time to do something while the ball is in the air. You can try to clap your hands, so to have something like: throw, clap, catch, throw, clap, catch, …

2 balls

31 The 2 balls shower. While not formally juggling, this is the first pattern everyone can juggle when trying to learn. The only note, learn to make a nice 1 keeping your hands at a good distance and throwing the 1 very horizontally, almost downwards. Will help in the future!

312 Asymmetric version of the two balls shower, or a two balls shower which changes direction continuously. The 3 is always the same ball. A kind of very simple ping-pong. Start 1L 1R; after each 312 you return to have 1L 1R.


602040 Two in one hand. Low-high-wait-low-high-wait. Probably better to learn 40 before..

40 Play two balls in one hand. Practice both L and R. First step to learn four balls!

501 Start with both balls in the same hand and throw a high 5 followed by a quick 1, and repeat. You need to be very quick, not super easy!

3 balls

3 The 3 balls cascade and all its many variations.

42 Hold one ball in one hand (the 2), and in the other play the other two in a fountain. You can use this as base for a lot of tricks, like moving the ball doing the 2 back and forth, chasing the other balls or “playing” with them.

423 Half shower box. One ball hops back and forth (the 3), while the other two hops up and down one in the R and one in the L. The three balls do not mix. Try to make the 4 external.

51 The 3 balls shower.

441 A nice pattern. Useful to improve your 1. See also 4413 and 44133

4413 An asymmetric version of 441. Just add a three at the end.

44133 A slower version of 441. It’s asymmetric.

522 It’s essentially 3, but throw higher and keep the other 2 balls in your hands. A slowed down cascade, not much interesting.

531 A tricky pattern. Think of it as a 5 followed by a quick 31 swap of the other two balls. Keep the 3 low!

5313 Asymmetric version of 531.

450 The rhythm of this pattern is strange… “A complete waste of a 5-balls juggler”. You can start with two balls in the R and one in the L; throw L first. To enter while doing 3 just throw a 4: …3334{450}233.. Do the 5 much higher that the 4.

4440 Three out of a 4 fountain. Very easy if you can play 4.

4530 One hand does the 4 (always the same ball) while the other 3 balls exchange hands with the 53.

5241 One hand does the 4 (always the same ball) while the other 3 balls exchange hands with the 15. Very similar to 4530.


45125241 Concatenate 4512 and 5241.




52512 The baby-juggling. Two balls are doing 55, and the third 122. Not a hard pattern.

45141 5 is always the same ball, the other two do 41401. I like this pattern!

45501 Nice pattern, not too hard.






51612 Concatenate 51 and 612: L 51, 612 box, R 51, 612 box, etc. Similar to 45141 (aka 51414).


55500 3-balls flash (3 out of 5). Can replace the 00 with a clap or a pirouette.

55050 3-balls snake (3 out of 5). Take all three balls in one hand and throw them to the other. Throw the last before catching the first. Repeat. Useful to learn 5 balls. (aka 50505)








4 balls

53 The 4-balls half-shower. Keep it asynchronous!

5551 Nice asymmetric pattern. You can play it in the middle of the 4 fountain like flashing 4.

55514 Similar to 5551 but symmetric. The same ball is doing the 14 continuously, while the other three are doing the 555.

642 High-low-wait-high-low-wait. Balls do not mix, L stay L, and R stay R.

662244 Very similar to 642 but two hands do the same throw each time: low-low-high-high-wait-wait.




5 balls






Last update: 03 October 2020